TRUTH, by Ana Teresa Fernández, is a 120-foot long text spelled out in table tops wrapped in space blankets, the symbol which has become ubiquitous with children in detention centers at the border. Truth be told, the project began as a way to have a conversation through this field with the neighbor, which happens to be Trump Winery.

Even though truth was consistently absent during Trump’s administration, TRUTH expands the conversation about the stories happening today around the border, our struggle with the science in climate change and the pandemic. TRUTH is a space that offers the community a chance to come sit, break bread and eat, to share our stories with one another, our truths. Offering a place to both; to listen and be heard.

TRUTH HORNO, by Ronald Rael, is a hand built adobe horno, or mud oven, constructed of 150 adobe bricks harvested from a Mexican-American School House in the historic borderlands of the San Luis Valley, Colorado and bound together using Virginia red clay as an instrument for bringing communities together around fire, food and the making of the horno itself. The project is a continuation of Hornos Tras Fronteras (Ovens Beyond Borders), which introduces traditional and indigenous cooking techniques to new audiences to bring awareness to immigration issues and restore food traditions at the border and beyond.

(in)visibles En La Oscudidad / (in)visible In The Darkness, by Arleene Correa Valencia, is a series of large scale textile paintings that are activated by flash and the removal of light. These massive textile works represent mothers and fathers who hold their children in their arms in an attempt to protect. Created by the artist to reflect on her own migration story, each layer of visibility and invisibility reveals a new experience of body and relationship to child. As a nationally recognized DREAMER Correa Valencia hopes to bring more understanding to the limitations and powers of visibility and invisibility as they define the undocumented community. Through the use of glow in the dark thread, repurposed clothing and reflective material she hopes to expands conversation surrounding issues of migration and human rights.

Papalotes En Resistencia, by Federico Cuatlacuatl, proposes to weaponize our communities through our very own culture, heritage, and traditions. This project seeks to arm and empower Latinx migrant communities and allies through traditional kite-making practices smuggled from Federico Cuatlacuatl’s home state, Pueba, Mexico. Papalotes En Resistencia mobilizes our communities to protest immigration urgencies and to engage in the various tactics of cultural sustainability. How do we weaponize ourselves with our own culture? How does culture become a weapon for thriving and sustaining? How do we embrace being the ‘other’ under so much xenophobia as a means of resisting and building solidarity? How does smuggling one’s own heritage become an act of resistance? This project recognizes that we are under a national emergency of a humanitarian migration crisis and the need for action, solidarity, and protesting through the weaponization of culture. To make and fly smuggled traditional kites collectively is an act of resistance, peaceful protesting, and anti-racism actions.

A special thanks to Pedro Cuacuas, a nationally and internationally recognized kite-maker in Puebla, Mexico who has shared his invaluable knowledge and skills with Federico Cuatlacuatl since 2018.

REUNITE, by Ronald Rael, is a poster originally created as an open-source, downloadable image to be used in child separation protest events anywhere in the world in response to the more than 5,500 children were separated from their families at the U.S. border under the Trump regime. The billboard was adapted from an original iconic sign that was found along the Southern California highway, which has an interesting design-protest history. Caltrans graphic artist John Hood, a Navajo Vietnam War veteran, created the original image as an assignment in response to the sharp rise in immigrant traffic deaths. 

TRUTH Beer, by Hunter Smith, is a Mexican-style lager brewed with corn and camaraderie with our friends on both sides of the border. We believe that no human is illegal and we raise a toast as always to those seeking a better life for their family. Relax with a few TRUTH brews in knowing that proceeds benefit the U.S. – Mexico Foundation nationally and Creciendo Juntos locally. Pre-order today from Champion Brewery.