TRUTH FARM is a group art installation and campaign curated by Ana Teresa Fernández, John Kluge, and Enrique Perret, that reclaims the truth as our own by sparking the kinds of conversations that strengthen the bonds between our families, our cultures, our communities, and our selves.

Debuting April 10, 2021 on a privately-owned family farm located in the middle of the Trump Winery estate in Charlottesville, VA, TRUTH FARM will then travel to downtown Charlottesville and other locations.

TRUTH FARM is anchored by the TRUTH Table, a 90′ x 20′ sculpture Mexican artist Ana Teresa Fernández is building out of mylar emergency blankets which are used to provide warmth to migrant children and families along the U.S.-México border. The table will also serve as a meeting point for community meals and dialogues that will migrate to different locations to foster greater understanding of our truths and help us express new truths with one another.

At TRUTH FARM, several other installations and experiences complement the TRUTH Table.

  • Undocumented Mexican artist Arleene Correa Valencia will be unveiling new portraits in paper and fabric of families who have experienced separation due to US immigration policy. In her portraits, children who have been taken into detention or US custody are missing from their silhouettes — a truth we, as a country, have yet to fully recon with.
  • Manito artist and architect, Ronald Rael of Rael San Fratello, who received national recognition for his recent see-saw installation on the U.S.-México border wall, will be building a horno tras fronteras (an “oven without borders”). Using traditional indigenous construction methods, we will build an adobe bread oven from the Virginia clay next to the winery. The oven will be used by the community to bake and then break bread together at the TRUTH Table.
  • Indigenous artist Federico Cuatlacuatl, has created a series of kites, crafted from mylar emergency heat blankets, for community members to fly on the day of the installation opening, using culture and play as a form of protest.
  • A live performance by Lua, a music collaboration founded by Estela Knott and David Berzonsky. Lua’s music is inspired by Mexican Son, Appalachian song forms, Jewish and Eastern European tonalities, baroque melodic ideas, and Scotch-Irish narrative storytelling approaches. They strive to create a repertoire that constitutes new traditional music that they will be able to pass down to their children to experience, transform, and pass on.
  • Local craft brewer Hunter Smith and Champion Brewery will create a special Mexican-style lager in collaboration with the TRUTH FARM artists, using proceeds to support the US-México Foundation, which works to build partnership and understanding between the United States and México, and the Creciendo Juntos, a local latino youth leadership and advocacy organization. The “Truth Brew” collaboration will be announced to the public on April 10.